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A Touch of Glass NH 

Garden Jewels ~ Beautifying The World One Garden at a Time

Handcrafted One-of-a-Kind Garden Jewels

Collecting antiques, gardening, and photography are some of my passions and a way for me to wind down from my day job. Making Garden Jewels became a natural offshoot of these interests. When I first started creating Garden Jewels, I was looking for a way to add some interest to my yard and gardens. The attraction of re-purposing these pieces of glassware was very meaningful to me and allowed me to use my creative side but also made me feel like I was helping to recycle by eliminating excess clutter.

How to Install & Care for Your Garden Jewels

Vertical Garden Jewels will use a ½ inch or ¾ inch copper pole as noted in the description under the “Garden Jewels” tab. My new Garden Jewel Flowers, which are horizontal, can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole or hung with the wire that comes on the back of each jewel. I recommend copper poles to support your Garden Jewels because they are sturdy, weather resistant, and develop a lovely patina over time. Copper poles can be purchased from most hardware stores. I do not suggest wooden dowels as these will rot over time.

When deciding where to place your Garden Jewels be sure you are able to sink the pole at least 10 inches in the ground. This will provide adequate and necessary support. If hanging your Garden Jewel use a strong screw or nail that will support the weight.

To clean your Garden Jewels use warm soapy water and a sponge or rag. Garden Jewels really sparkle in the sunshine. However, I have some that I've placed in the shade and over time they have accumulated moss and they look great as well.

When moving your Garden Jewels use two hands and be sure to use the bottom plate. This is the largest and strongest part of the Garden Jewel and the safest way to transport.

If your winter remains below freezing for any period of time, like here in New England, I recommend storing your vertical Garden Jewels upright and inside where they will be protected. The horizontal Garden Jewels can be stored the same or flower up.

Golden Sapphire was created using a golden art deco style cake platter, azure blue plate, gold Fleur de Lis saucer, footed carnival glass candy dish, antique salt, and aqua marble.

Can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole or hung with the wire hanger.

Pieces of glassware that have 

been recycled into

Garden Jewels


Rose Medallion - What a beauty! I used an iridescence flower designed platter, a deep pink art deco ashtray, a pressed glass fluted candy dish, a smaller pressed glass dish, a votive and a rose colored marble. When the sun shines on this jewel it's crazy pretty. This design can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole.